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Money Magic Sessions
with Margo

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I love solving money problems with magic
I have been helping women make magic happen with money since I was a child. When I was 8, my mom wanted to become a massage therapist, and to make a long story short, she couldn't figure out how to pay for school.

Riding in the car one day, I asked her if she could use her 401K to pay for school, and she looked at me, flabbergasted. Why did and 8 year old know what a 401K was? And why hadn't she thought of that! What a weird kid I was. And now I'm a weird adult who loves helping people reorient themselves to money so that they can do the amazing things they were born to do, too.

A Money Magic Sessions is a 2 hour, 1 on 1 deep dive into your financial life and your money dreams.

It will be perfect for you if...

You want to feel CONFIDENT and CLEAR when working with your money

You and your partner need to get on the same page about your money goals and dreams

You have big beautiful dream you are trying to fund and you keep saying "if only we had the money"

You want to dig into your money story and archetype so you can shift to a more balanced place

You are excited about creating money rituals that make money fun

You might even want to build financial independence and wealth for your family but you're afraid if you become rich you will be a bad person (ah!!!).

I bring an "I can figure anything out" attitude to life and money, and that plus my magical practices have helped me go from. I offer that same spirit to my clients in my one on one money coaching.

In your money magic session you can expect:

— prep work to get you organized
— a very clear picture of where you are at financially, no sugar coating!
— digging into your big beautiful dreams and goals to see where you are headed
— strategizing how to make those dreams come true, using financial, magical and mindset strategies.
— walking away with a concrete plan and a newfound sense of peace, purpose and possibility

What a session includes

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2 payments

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coming soon

Ready for your transformation?