Maryn and Margo here! We are best friends and business partners who have been inspiring and transforming the birth and midwifery world for the last decade. Now we're ready to bring even more of our super fun witchy magic to women across the lifespan. 

We each bring our own unique magic to this work, but the common threads are that we believe that "a more beautiful world is possible" (thanks Charles Eisenstein) and that the path towards it is through awakening more women to their own magic in grounded, practical, and fun ways.

nice to meet you, friend!

I’ve been magic for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I thought being able to see things and feel things just made me weird. In my 44 years, it has been the births of my 10 children, as well as a deep desire to connect with the Earth, that has reminded me of what I know.

I believe most women are this way; it’s been trained out of us to find faith in the flowers, or read the symbols in tea leaves. We’ve been told this is silly or ignorant when our most profound gifts are rooted in the Divine Feminine. I can’t wait to share with you what’s been shown to me and to help you remember.

I'm Maryn

I want to teach you how to be a boss bitch in your life, by harnessing the power of magic, self discipline and sisterhood, and by tapping into who you truly are. I want to help you do incredible things to create a more beautiful new reality for us all.

I have always been the person you hoped you'd get paired with for a group project, and now I've harnessed my superpowers and turned them into these courses and coaching offerings! I really love getting people organized and inspired, and moving towards the goals that matter most to them. A+'s all around!

My coaching style is a 30/70 split of more esoteric tools and good old fashioned introspective worksheets. I lovingly don’t let people off the hook and will probably make you laugh :)

I'm Margo

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If you're looking for support in how to begin a magical life or are already on one and feel a call to join, please listen to that! There is deep wisdom and nourishing medicine here.