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Dates TBA in Berea Kentucky

It is Time.

We KNOW that what it is needed NOW in the world is a coming-together of present, humble, intuitive women, in person. In community. In circle and sacred ceremony.

We are taking our signature Indie Birth inspiration and turning it towards a new project for powerful women who KNOW they are magic but desire community, conversation, depth and wisdom to live more fully and more deeply so that their power will ripple out and create a new more beautiful world.

We want to honor and recognize each stage of a woman's life; maiden, mother and crone. It is our hope that you will attend with your daughter, or granddaughter. We welcome women age 16 and up.

This magical women's weekend you will...

Create and participate in a sacred circle for women

Tap into what you truly want for yourself through introspective writing and heart-storming

Practice guided meditations, journey work, divination tools and breathwork

Assess you own self-care practices and make a plan for how you will nourish yourself in 2022

Connect with Nature at the Saturday night fire circle and on a plant walk 

Have deeper discussions about your desires and how to manifest and embody them

Receive gentle nudges and challenges to overcome any limiting beliefs 

Lunches and one dinner included

VALUE: $75


Rock a free t-shirt for magical women.

VALUE: $30

MW Shirt

Continue the experience past the weekend.

VALUE: $99

Online Group

that's not all...

Did I mention bonuses?




The Weekend Retreat Magical Women

let's recap

Deep Journaling Exercises to Clarify Your Desires (Value: $299)
16+ Hours of Group Coaching from Maryn + Margo (Value: $499)
Teachings and Practice in Magical Tools and Techniques (Value: $99)
Guided Creation of a 2022 Plan for Magical Living (Value: priceless)
Bonus 01: Online container for 3 months  (Value: $99)
Bonus 02: Magical Women T-Shirt  (Value: $30)
Bonus 03: Complimentary Meals, 2 Lunch + 1 Dinner (Value: $75)

Total Value: $1111

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We are magical women, like you. We are not gurus or experts, but we are great at bringing women together, and guiding them in exploring the ways in which they can create more beautiful, more magical lives. 

Maryn and Margo

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