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We are your resident leading ladies here are Magical Women, but really this whole project is about YOU, the magical women of the world. We believe you can live a magical life and still be rooted to the earth. So much new age/goddess/priestess stuff is so ultra woo woo and ungrounded. That’s fine, but we are here to offer something Earthier. We aren’t the ladies who gyrate around the fire in tube tops (much love to them!). We are the ladies around the cauldron. In the red tent. Life, death, birth, parenting, partnerships, creativity - that’s our jam.

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We're Maryn and Margo


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Why I'm Mad About Money and How Women Relate to It.


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Leah H, Midwife

"Thank you for all the million, trillion ways that you care for the world by sharing your amazing self and encouraging and challenging the rest of us to do the same. I can not imagine my life without having "discovered" the revolution of radical love that you both have created."