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Sometimes you feel stuck in life, like Margo in this photo

We've all been there. Maybe your boots are too big and your fence climbing isn't as on point as you remembered  — damn. Here you are, stuck halfway. And something that would totally suck when alone becomes a funny moment with the support and witnessing from trusted women.

You might be struggling with something larger than this, though.

Lack of inspiration in your creative life. An unfulfilled dream. A relationship that isn't feeling good anymore. A general disconnect from your spirit and your power.

We are here to serve as sacred counsel and mentors to you on your path.

Forged from our decades of combined work as midwives, working with women in their most intimate, intense years of their lives, we are expanding this counsel now to women across the lifespan. 

We're talking deep listening, meditation, witchy work, tarot and oracle cards, wellness check-ins, Desire Mapping, and shamanic journeying. You are the ultimate authority, and we are here to help you reclaim your power.

We believe in the good things coming for you and are honored to hold space for you as you walk towards them. And if you get stuck on the fence, we will give you a boost <3

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Sacred Mentorship Option with Maryn

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Looking for a virtual priestess to support your continued spiritual journey? I love supporting witchy women who want to be witnessed, learn new techniques/new tools and who desire a spiritual mentor. 

For the last 13 years, I have been deep in self-investigation and the spiritual journey of my own soul in this life. I’ve worked with a Celtic shaman, an elder medicine woman, and have been deep into many spiritual traditions and practices without fully “buying in” to any of them. I consider my approach to supporting you to be eclectic, unique, and intuitive. I don’t follow a method or coursebook, but I’ll use my experience as a midwife and mentor of many decades to guide you and support you — no matter what you are seeking to birth. A new you, a new life or a new reality. 

My desire is to reflect back to you your true power; through your health, wealth and energetic vibration. The answers are all inside of you. 

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