Pre-Budget Party

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March 16th
10am-1pm Central

The main reason I became a money coach is because of the hundreds of women that I have personally spoken with who have beautiful dreams for their lives and for our world, and yet cannot seem to find the money to fund them.

I hear this every single day, no joke. Women who want to become doulas, midwives, body workers, herbalists, organic farmers, build ecovillages, write important books, and change the effing world!

These same women (they are dreamers after all!) are often NOT the most self aware about their financial health, aka budgeting, tracking expenses, saving or planning, which leads to years passing by without forward movement towards their goals. And our world NEEDS women to be moving forward towards their goals, now more than ever.

That's where I come in! I speak both of these languages. I am a dreamer and a futurist and I also am an uber-strategist who got straight A's in math. I budgeted my ass off, got out of debt, and funded my own dreams. I now run multiple successful, heart centered businesses. I am ready to show you how to do this in your own life, too, and it all starts with a budget, or.....a pre- budget party! For most people, getting their shit together to actually make a budget is often the hardest part, so we are going to do it TOGETHER!

"I know I need to look at where my money is going but I'm scared and would rather poke my eyeballs out."

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Class is March 19
10am-1pm Central time

I will hype you up and guide you through the steps of gathering everything you need to create and implement a budget. We will listen to groovy music, talk about all the emotional and spiritual shit this brings up for us, and kick some budget ass. Depending on how fast you work, you might leave with a completed budget, or you might need to spend a little more time afterwards fine tuning it, but you will have the tools to do so :)!

So if you are one of these super amazing women who have big things you want to do, but money is holding you back, I cordially invite you to join me for this pre-budget PARTY.

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**We may finish up early depending on how the group does! This will be recorded and will be sent out to registrants only, but I highly highly recommend committing to attend live.


What the fuck is going on with the flow of money in my life? Where is it entering? Where is it leaving? During the workshop will get the info together so that you can clearly answer these questions. Without this, other money healing is pretty surface level and ineffective.


What are your values, priorities and dreams? Do your expenses reflect them? I'll give you some reflection tools to continue this work on your own after the workshop, or we can do this work together if you are interesting in money coaching.


What is your core desired feeling around your relationship with money? How can you live it now, instead of waiting until you reach some financial "utopia".

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what we will do

I'm Margo. Midwife and hype woman turned money coach

I want to teach you how to be a boss bitch in your life, through harnessing the power of magic, self discipline, sisterhood and tapping into who you truly are. I want to help you do incredible things to create a more beautiful new reality for us all.

I have always been the person you hoped you'd get paired with for a group project, and now I've harnessed my superpowers and turned that into what I do for a living! I really love getting people organized and moving towards the goals that matter most to them. Gold stars all around!

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